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Picks of House Foundation Layouts

The slab house foundation is a concrete slab poured on top of the soil grade with no spaces. No room for a crawl space or basement. These are typically used in areas where water can be high in the soil. The crawlspace foundation is used in areas where there is an abundance of clay soil. Crawlspaces allow you to have a small access between the soil and the first floor of the home.

The basement foundation is used a lot for colder climates because they sit below frost levels. A basement also allows you to have space between the soil and first floor, but unlike the crawlspace, a basement is large enough to be used as an extra room in the house.

House foundation layouts differ from house to house. Some house foundations use concrete masonry units or insulated concrete forms for the foundation walls and support. There are different forms for foundation layouts even though they are all typically made with concrete.

The foundation of any home is extremely important and should be evaluated in the instance of buying a new home. Damaged foundations can be the result of a bad deal. Foundations cannot be changed once the house is built so make sure your plans will suit all of your families needs.

To find out which foundation is best for you, think about cost, weather, soil and personal needs. Because a basement adds extra living space to a home it also costs more to have built. Think about all your options carefully before building your foundation because once it is dug, poured and built, it’s yours.